5 Best Slot Car Racing Sets

5 Best Slot Car Racing Sets

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Slot car racing is a fun activity that children, especially boys love. Children love the game as it involves more activity and technology, rolled into one.

1. Max Traxx Tracer Racers

Slot cars with one or two track-width are ideal for a visual spin, leading to a new adventure, Just by holding on to the remote, the player rides at 500 miles per hour, passing through loops and bridges. Keeping on to the track, at such speed is itself a challenge and the players have to concentrate and be on to track especially on banked corners with LED lights flashing fast with the cars. It is a speed game with loops and visuals, which is just right for players above 6 years.


This is a starter kit, where players learn the basics of slot cars and can soon become professionals. Using their Smartphone’s, players control these super fast cars, as they just speed past the tracks. Each car has its own specialties and each tries to win past the other, using their little weapons to overtake others. The player requires an Android Device or an iOS to play the game. This game can be played by children who are 8 or above 8 years old, as it has advanced gameplay to be played with a mobile device and is suitable for battle racing.

3. Real FX Racing

This slotless race track game makes use of Artificial Intelligence and makes the game more realistic. It makes use of Ackerman style of steering, where the player can over-take anywhere on lap times, track and oil spills too. The game is played with Artificial Intelligence to keep the cars on a track and does require a mobile device. It can be played as a single or as a multiplayer game. The batteries are long lasting. It is best suited for players above 8 years of age.

4. Carrera Digital 124

The Digital 124 Series features a track layout that is shaped in a long 8 pattern figure. It has a pair of digital speed controllers, 11 straights, and 8 curves. It contains a Cheetah ’66, a Chevrolet Corvette Grand and Sebring 12 h 1964. 4 cars can simultaneously race on a single track and it uses digital technology. The tracks use power slide action and power slide shoulders. It is a powerful game that young children above 6 years love. The Ferrari GT Experience is the most popular set sought by children

5. Scalextric Continental

Scalextrics has been making slot cars for many numbers of years. They come with sturdy cars and tough super cars that can be roughly handled and still remain in shape. They come as a pair of cars with two controllers and a lap counter. You can also expand on them with more tracks and cars. They are best suited for 8 years and above. They come in various prices and accessories.

It’s breathtaking to fly through these tracks in one of the slot cars. Slot cars can just keep expanding as you add it up with extra twists, latest cars, and accessories that just add more enjoyment to the game.

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